Motto, Vision, Mission and Objectives

Motto: “Academic Excellence and Total Personality Development in a Caring Environment to produce responsible Global Citizens”.

Vision: To contribute to human resources development in the country by establishing top-quality educational institutions and networking with other prestigious and reputable institutions within and outside the country so as to produce skilled and qualified graduates, with analytical skills, creative and innovative thinking, who are morally upright and socially responsible and are able to lead from the front by example.

Mission: To offer the students an educational environment that enhances their learning, enlightens their minds and mould their personalities in a caring environment so that they are thoughtful, critical, innovative and responsible global citizens, who will be leaders in whatever careers they choose.


  1. To provide higher education opportunities to Nepalese students scientists, technocrats, business managers & entrepreneurs as well as all those interested from the Asian region and beyond.
  2. To provide opportunities to master and doctoral students to conduct relevant research.
  3. To conduct research and development activities through special research centers and “think tank”.
  4. To provide opportunities for knowledge and skills upgrading through continuing education and training as per national, regional and global needs.
  5. To offer demand-driven programs:
    1. Short-term focused courses
    2. Certificate
    3. Bachelor
    4. Postgraduate diploma
    5. Master
    6. Doctoral as well as
    7. Professional and continiung education courses.