Quality Assurance Framework

The quality assurance framework will be introduced as one of a number of measures designed to promote public understanding of, and confidence in academic standards of the AIT courses.

The framework thus addresses an external audience of employers, students and overseas institutions who need reliable information about higher education qualifications. It addresses also an internal audience of those who design and approve programs, and who must ensure that appropriate standards are maintained; and those who evaluate standards, be they external examiners.

In an open, expanding and diverse higher education system, the need for clear public information, shared points of reference and consistency of nomenclature assumes a new importance. There is a need for assurance about the standards of qualifications awarded. The NEF-CCN will undertake major consultation exercises with the concerned stakeholders on the principles and policies that should underpin the quality assurance framework.

Quality assurance Standards and Quality Assurance criteria and indicators will be established under the NEF-CCN/AIT Quality Assurance Framework.

At the outset, following Eight Quality Assurance Standards are identified:

Quality Assurance Standard 1: Purpose
Quality Assurance Standard 2: Administration
Quality Assurance Standard 3: Learning Resources
Quality Assurance Standard 4: Finances
Quality Assurance Standard 5: Student services
Quality Assurance Standard 6: Teaching/learning, Research and Service
Quality Assurance Standard 7: Facilities and Equipment
Quality Assurance Standard 8: Instructional Staff

Similarly, the following Six Quality Assurance Criterion are also identified:

Criterion 1: Curriculum and teaching/learning, research and service
Criterion 2: Qualified and Competent Personnel
Criterion 3: Facilities, Equipment and Materials
Criterion 4: Community, Business, and Industry Involvement
Criterion 5: Career Guidance
Criterion 6: Assessment and Examination

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