Advanced Diploma in Hospitality

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality by LCCI Nepal is an accredited course externally validated by Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scotland. This program provides the students with knowledge, skills and attitude required by the hospitality industry, which enables them to face the 21st century challenges while working in this resourceful industry. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality management basically focuses on the supervisory aspect of the hospitality industry. This course has been designed to inculcate the operational aspect of the fundamentals of the hospitality industry. The basic framework of this module is designed to make the students enter the hospitality industry in base line and further elevate to the top level managers. Upon successful completion of the designed level students will be able:


  • To work in the hospitality industry with specialized knowledge on core departments of a hotel i.e, food production and patisseries, food and beverage service, housekeeping and front office


  • To acquire technical, interpersonal and social skill required for the hospitality industry.


  • To acquire the basic sales and marketing skills required by the nature of job.


  • To understand the customer need and expectations and provide them with a delightful services.


  • To develop a positive attitude on service and build self-confidence to handle different situations.


  • To have an orientation on the international standard of the customer service.