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The MBA degree program has following three options:

Project Option Research Study Option Coursework Option
Required Courses 26 credits 26 credits 26 credits
Elective Courses 16 credits 12 credits 22 credits
Project/Research 6 credits 10 credits -
Total 48 credits 48 credits 48 credits

The School, after following a procedure decided on case-to-case basis, can consider exempting students with sufficient subject background and experience but they will have to take greater number of elective courses in order to fulfill the credit requirements for the degree.


Project Option

For students choosing the MBA Project option:

- Students should work on an internship in an organization for the Project.

- The organization should be able to identify a specific problem for the student to work on. Preferably, the project will focus on managerial  planning, decision-making and problem solving in organizational contexts. In case a student has not undertaken internship, he/she should base his/her project on an issue/problem/decision of an actual organization. The student will prepare a proposal under the supervision of a faculty advisor, circulate to the faculty for comments and get it approved by MBA coordinator/Dean.

- The project should have a scope that would allow for the output to be accepted as an academic work for MBA purposes. For this, a member of the school’s faculty will guide the student on the project.

- The findings should be presented in a public seminar in the school.

- The faculty advisor can invite inputs from the attendees at the seminar in grading the project.


Note: The 6-credit Project includes one credit of Consulting Practice course which should be action-oriented and problem-solving with industry practices. Consulting Practice course can also be taken by other students as one-credit elective course (without taking the Project).


Research Study Option

For students choosing the Research Study option:

- All students intending to pursue the Research Study option will submit a written proposal to the MBA coordinator, and must present their proposal at a public seminar. The proposal may be prepared with or without faculty consultation. However, the proposal should be presented and defended independently by the student without reference to the faculty name and guidance.

- The public seminar would be attended by all interested faculty and students. Sufficient notice should be provided of the public seminar.

-Bases on the merit, for students intending to graduate in May, the seminar should be held sometime in the August semester. For students intending to graduate in December, the seminar should be held in the January semester.

- Students with proposals which are accepted by the faculty would proceed to work on the Research Study. Others would be guided to choose the appropriate courses or MBA Project in lieu of the Research Study.

- As a general guideline students should ensure the following before making a presentation of their proposal:

- Well defined methodology. It should be clear how the data required for pursuing the research would be collected, what the potential problems would be in doing this, and how the data would be analysed to reach the relevant conclusions.

- Following the acceptance of the proposal, the student should choose an advisor to pursue the research study.

- Substantial work on the research study would be carried out in the semester following the one in which a proposal is presented and accepted.

- Final presentations on the research study would have to be made in a public seminar. The Examination Committee consisting three faculty members, one of them being the advisor, would evaluate and grade the final presentation and report. In this the Examination Committee can take into account the comments and inputs of other attendees in the presentation.


Note: The 10-credit Research Study includes two credits of Research Methodology course. Students choosing this option should have at least a GPA of 3.25 and should be encouraged to do research in their major AoS. Research Methodology course can be also taken by other students as two-credit elective course (without taking Research Study option).


Course Work Option

A student can wish to complete the entire credit requirements by taking coursework for the full 48 credits. In doing so, he or she may register for electives in the third and fourth semester for 14 and 10 credits respectively.