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Credit Requirements:

In the MBA-Energy Business program students should complete 48 credits (required courses – 20 credits, elective courses – 18 credits, and research study – 10 credits) for graduation.  On an average a student can take 12-13 credits per semester so that s/he can finish the 38 credits course works during the first three semesters and can undertake the research study during the last semester. Each semester would comprise of both required and elective courses. The list of required and elective courses and the sequence of course offering is as follows:


Required Courses:

- ED 72.01 Energy Resource and Technologies, 2(2-0)
• ED 72.13 Development and Evaluation of Energy Projects, 3(2-3)
- ED 72.9024 Energy Management System, 2(1-3)
- IN 64.01 Energy Business Communication, 2(2-0)
- SM 80.55 Choice and Transfer of Energy Technologies, 3(3-0)
- SM 60.41 Organizational Behavior and Structure, 2(2-0)
- SM 60.82 Strategic Management of a Firm, 2(2-0)
- SM 60.61 Operations Management, 2(2-0)
- SM 60.34 Corporate Finance, 2(2-0) 


Elective Courses:
- SM90.60 Innovation and Techno Entrepreneurship, 3(3-0)
- SM90.67 Strategic Supply Chain Management, 3(3-0)
- SM80.06 Innovation Marketing and New Product Development, 3(3-0)
- SM90.9009 Management Information Systems, 3(3-0)
- SM60.03 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics, 2(2-0)
- SM80.35 Project Finance and Risk Management 2(2-0)
- ED 72.12 Energy Statistics and Energy Demand Forecasting,3(3-0)
- ED 72.06 Design and Management of Energy systems, 3(3-0)
- ED 72.9020 Rational use of Energy in Buildings, 3(2-3)
- ED 72.03 Rational use of Energy in Industry, 3(2-3)
- ED 72.24 Electricity Economics and Planning, 3(3-0)
- ED 72.30 Energy, Environment and Climate Changes: Issues and Strategies, 2(2-0)
- ED 72.22 Power Sector Management and Deregulation, 3(3-0)
- ED 72.11 Rural Electrification and Distributed Generation, 3 (3-0)
- ED 72.28 Solar Energy 3(2-3)
- ED72.9021 Energy Risk Management 1(1-0)


The elective courses will be offered subjected to the availability of faculty. From time to time, depending on student’s need and availability of faculty resources, selected topics may be offered as elective courses.


Credit Distribution

Students are expected to complete 48 credits within four semesters. The credits are distributed within the four semesters as shown hereunder;





Required Courses





Research Study
Elective Courses





Research Study






Program Options

The MBA-Energy Business program has “Research Study Option” only.

- All students intending to pursue the Research Study option will submit a written proposal to the MBA-Energy Business coordinator, and must present their proposal at a public seminar. The proposal may be prepared with or without faculty consultation. However, the proposal should be presented and defended independently by the student without reference to the faculty name and guidance.

- The public seminar would be attended by all interested faculty and students. Sufficient notice should be provided of the public seminar.

- Bases on the merit, for students intending to graduate in May, the seminar should be held sometime in the August semester. For students intending to graduate in December, the seminar should be held in the January semester.

- Students with proposals which are accepted by the faculty would proceed to work on the Research Study. Others would be guided to choose the appropriate courses or MBA Project in lieu of the Research Study.

- As a general guideline students should ensure the following before making a presentation of their proposal:

- Well defined methodology. It should be clear how the data required for pursuing the research would be collected, what the potential problems would be in doing this, and how the data would be analyzed to reach the relevant conclusions.

- Following the acceptance of the proposal, the student should choose an advisor to pursue the research study.

- Substantial work on the research study would be carried out in the semester following the one in which a proposal is presented and accepted.

- Final presentations on the research study would have to be made in a public seminar. The Examination Committee consisting three faculty members, one of them being the advisor, would evaluate and grade the final presentation and report. In this the Examination Committee can take into account the comments and inputs of other attendees in the presentation.