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What are the MBA courses offered by AITM?

AITM offers a general MBA and MBA in Energy business. For general MBA, the Areas of Specialization (AoS) are Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, Public Management, Strategy, International Management, Sustainable Business.


Who can apply for MBA program at AITM?

We accept students from across the globe, and across various disciplines. Therefore, each application is evaluated on an individual basis. The minimum requirement is the applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in an appropriate field of study from an acceptable institution.

- Applicant must have obtained his/her Bachelor’s Degree with a GPA minimum of 2.75 or 65%.

- Applicant must be in satisfactory physical and mental health and have a record of good conduct (Character Certificate).


How do I apply?

Interested applicants may collect the application forms at AITM admission office or download the forms at:


Where can I get the prospectus and application forms?

The application forms along with AIT prospectus could be obtained from the AITM Admissions office, Khumaltar, Heights. The application form is also available online (


How do I request brochures from Admissions?

Applications and information can be requested by sending your it to “ admissions@aitmThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view”


When is the application deadline?

There are two intakes in AITM MBA Program; in January & in August. Applications for admission are accepted on an on-going basis. The deadline for submission of completed application for January intake is last week of December and for August intake is last week of July.


Can I apply for admission after the deadline?

Although submission of application past deadline is highly discouraged, AITM does consider applications from candidates with excellent academic records, subject to the availability of seats.


Do you admit everyone who applies?

No, we do not. The final authority of admission remains with AIT. All the candidates’ completed application forms are sent by AITM for final approval.


Do I need to come to AITM to receive or submit the application form?

No, the application can be obtained by online or by post and can also be submitted online or by post.


Are there quotas for certain kinds of applicants?

The Admissions Committee does not use quotas of any kind. The admission is on merit basis only.


How will I know what I have to do after I am admitted?

We will send you email messages with the necessary information (don’t forget to ensure that you provide us with an active email address or addresses). You will also receive printed materials in the mail (mailed to the mail address that you have provided on the application form) giving you an overview of what you need to do to enroll.


How do I know if my application is received / complete?

We will send you email messages (to the email address that you have provided on the application form) to inform you of your application status. We will send you e-mail notification if anything is missing from your file.


What kind of transcript is needed for an application?

An attested copy of your bachelor’s degree transcript is needed at the time you apply. We require a photocopy or scanned copies of both sides of the transcript to be attached to your application at the time of submission. An official transcript will be required once you are admitted to the Masters program.


Should I send in official transcripts in addition to the scanned copy in my application?

We ask that you refrain from submitting any official transcripts until you have been granted admission to AITM. If you send in an official copy before that time, we will not keep it, and you will need to resend another official transcript after being granted the admission.


My high school uses a different grading scale. What should I do?

We are familiar with different grading systems around the world, including Nepal, and will review your grades within the context that they were awarded. We will accept your transcripts in the format that your university issues them, and there is no need to convert your grades to any different system. Please send your transcripts as is via scanned jpg or pdf format (attached to your application). If your transcripts are not in English, please be sure that you provide English translations.


Can I transfer credits from other schools to AITM?

Yes, if you have completed college coursework at an accredited educational institution, you may be able to transfer some or all of your credit hours toward your AIT degree. The final decision on the number of credits that could be transferred will be decided by our admission committee upon receiving your transcripts and the detailed course syllabus for each of the previous courses you took.


How easy is it to change my degree program if I decide I’ve made the wrong choice?

You have one year from the start of classes to decide whether your degree program is right for you. Provided you fulfill the necessary entry requirements and have taken the appropriate courses in your first year, then it is possible to change your program without losing any time.


I uploaded the wrong document along with my application, how can I submit the correct version?

Email the office of admissions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our admissions coordinators will assist you with the change.


Who reads applications?

Each application is screened for completeness and minimum qualifications by the admissions department then examined by two or more AIT faculty members before a final decision is made.


Can I send my application materials to AITM with someone else?

Yes. Your representative can bring an authorization letter clearly stating that S/he is acting on your behalf and, all applicable fees and all the documents required for admission.


Is there any agency that can help me with information about AITM and the application process?

No, at present there are no agencies working with AITM. For all information, please contact directly the AITM admission office, call or send an email to the following:


What additional documents are required at the time of admission?

On arrival at AITM, all candidates must produce the originals and one set of photocopies of all transcripts along with a passport-size photograph.


Do you provide feedback on why applications were denied?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to offer detailed feedback on rejection.




What are the total approximate expenditures for the MBA degree program?

For details on fees and other expenses, please refer to


Does AlTM offer student loans?

No, AITM does not offer student loan programs. Students may apply for a loan from a bank on their own.


Is there any facility for payment of fees in installments?

Yes, it is possible to pay the tuition fees in two installments each semester.


Do I need to pay fees at the time of admission?

Yes, you must pay your fees on or before the day of admission.


What are the fees and expenses other than tuition and registration fees?

You will need a laptop computer; you can purchase one from AITM or bring one from home. You will be expected to purchase textbooks and other supplies during your studies. You will also be required to purchase medical insurance on arrival at AIT, Thailand for the second stage of your MBA studies.




How can I pay my application fee and tuition fees?

Payment for the application fee is made to AITM while submitting the application forms. For the tuition fees, the first year (2 semesters) is paid to AITM in Nepal and the remaining Second stage (Year 2) fees are paid directly to AIT in Thailand.


At AITM (Year 1)

In accepting the offer, an advance payment of Baht 66,600 equivalent to the registration fee and tuition fee for the first semester, should be paid to AITM prior to enrolment. The deadline of advanced payment is on the first day of the semester. With regard to bank remittance/bank transfer, please indicate details in the bank advice to facilitate identification of the payment purpose so that it can be recorded immediately in the AITM accounting system. The fee structure may change at the discretion of AITM/AIT without prior notice.


Payments of tuition and other fees can be paid in Nepalese Rupees through the bank account below:


Nepalese Rupees Account :
Bank: Lumbini Bank Limited, Mangal Bazar Branch
Current A/C #
Swift code: LUBLNPKA


At AIT (Year 2)

On arriving at AIT, Thailand for the 2nd year, advance payment of Baht. 115,200 equivalents towards the registration fee and tuition fee for the third and fourth semester should be paid to AIT prior to first day of the semester. With regard to bank remittance/bank transfer, please indicate details (i.e. what the payment is for) in the bank advice to facilitate identification of the payment purpose so that it can be recorded immediately in the AITM accounting system.


Payments of tuition and other fees can be paid in either US Dollars or in Thai Baht through the bank account below:


Thai Baht Account : Siam Commercial Bank, AIT branch
Current A/C # 359 3 00001 2
Swift code: SICOTHBK


In case it is not convenient to use the AIT account in Thailand, you can also use the following bank account in USA:

US Dollar Account : Citibank NA
Current A/C# 10255664
Address: Citibank , New York Head Office
Citicorp Center , 16th Floor
153 East 53rd street , New York , NY 10043
Swift code: CITIUS33

For other information related to payments please refer to:


Will I get a receipt for my application fee and tuition fee payments?

We will send you e-mail notification with a receipt once our cashier confirms your payment. If payment is missing, we will contact you.




Can I waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirement?

You are exempt from the TOEFL/IELTS requirement if your high school uses English as the language of instruction. Documentation must be submitted as proof. You are also exempt if you are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is the official language. You must claim exemption in the application where appropriate.


Does AIT offer English courses for non-native speakers?

Yes, we have a dedicated language center offering English courses.
Please refer to




Do I get a dorm room at the time of admission?

Yes, all admitted students will be accommodated in AIT dormitories.


Are the dormitories compulsory?

Living on campus is strongly recommended, however, in some cases, through Dean’s approval, living off campus may be permitted.


Are accommodation charges included in the tuition fees?

No, accommodation fees are separate from tuition fees.



Is it necessary for parents to accompany children during admissions counseling?

Not necessarily unless the students and the parents feel the need to.


Will AITM provide me with a laptop computer?

No, you are required to use your own laptop computer for your studies. Each year, AIT arranges a volume discount on a suitable laptop with appropriate specifications. You may register to purchase one of these laptops on arrival at AIT.


Are there any extracurricular activities at AIT?

There are many opportunities for sports and other extracurricular activities on campus. Many are organized by the Student Union.


What about job placement after completion of the degree program?

AIT has a Career Center to help you with internships and career prospects. The Career Center organizes regular career fairs on campus.


Can I work in Thailand after the completion of the degree program?

Students can do internships with any company or organization in Thailand as long as they maintain student visa status. After graduation, students choosing to accept jobs with companies operating in Thailand should ensure they will receive work permits through their employer.


Are AITM students registered as AIT students?

Yes, all students are registered as AIT students after they enrolled at AITM. All admitted students have their own personal ID numbers assigned by AIT.


Once students successfully complete the two-year program, who will be offering the degree (AIT or AITM)?

The degree will be offered by AIT.


How can I contact the Admissions Office?


AITM Admissions Office
Asian Institute of Technology & Management
Khumaltar Heights, Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: +977 (1) 5552376/5541179


If your question has not been answered, please submit your question to or One of our admission co–coordinators will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.