Curriculum Structure


The curriculum is structured under 8-semesters (4-years) including internship opportunities in related multi-national companies. The curriculum structure consists of 150 credits. Details are provided hereunder. BCIE Courseoutline_Download


Code Course Name Credits (T-P) Instructor

Year 1  Semester I

UG101 Mechanics 4(3-1) Prof. Dr. B. Bhattarai
UG102 Calculus I 3(3-0) Prof. Dr. G.B. Joshi
CS101 Introduction to Computers and Programming 5(3-2) Ms. N. A. Rajbhandari
UG110 Engineering Drawing 3(1-2) Dr Madhav N Shrestha
UG103 English CommunicationSkills I 3(3-0) Dr. R. Bajracharya
UG104 Praxis I 1(0-1) Dr Vishnu P .Pandey

Sub total


Year 1  Semester II

UG105 Electromagnetism & Optics I 4(3-1) TBA
UG106 Calculus II 3(3-0) Prof. Dr. G.B. Joshi
UG107 English CommunicationSkills II 3(3-0) Dr. R. Bajracharya
UG108 Praxis II 1(0-1) Dr Vishnu P Pandey
UG109 Chemistry 4(3-1) Assoc. Prof. Dr. H.R. Pant
UG111  Material Sciences 3(2-1) Prof. S.R. Byahut

Sub total


Year 2  Semester III

UG201 Linear Algebra 3(3-0) TBA
UG202 Applied Mathematics Laboratory 1(0-1) TBA
UG203 Engineering Mechanics 3(2-1) TBA
CIE202 Fluid Mechanics 4(3-1) TBA
CIE203 Surveying 3(2-1) TBA
CIE206 Hydrology 3(3-0) TBA

Sub total


Year 2  Semester IV

UG204 Probability and Statistics 3(3-0) TBA
UG205 Calculus III 3(3-0) TBA
IE202 Strength of Materials 3(2-1) TBA
CIE201 Soil Mechanics 3(2-1) TBA
CIE303 Hydraulics Design 3(3-0) TBA

Sub total

15(13-2) TBA

Year 2 & 3  Inter-Semester

Internship 1 (12 Weeks) 3(0-3)

Year 3  Semester V

 UG: (306307



Foreign Language I (FrenchSpanish



2(2-0) Language Center
UG302 Engineering Economics 3(3-0) Dr Pisut Koomsap
UG305UG304 Technical Writing/Humanities 3(3-0) TBA
CIE205 Structural Analysis I 3(3-0) Dr. Punchet Thammarak
CIE302 Numerical Methods 3(3-0) Dr. Akhrawat Lenwari
CIE204 Foundation Engineering 3(2-1) Prof. Bergado/ Dr. Noppadol
CIE304 Introduction to Transportation Engineering 3(3-0) Dr. Ampol Karoonsoontawong

Sub total


Year 3  Semester VI

UG303 Environmental Studies 3(3-0) TBA
UG305UG304 Technical Writing/Humanities 3(3-0) TBA
UG: (311310



Foreign Language II: (FrenchSpanish


Japanese )

2(2-0) Ms. Juliette FrancoisMs Myriam R. Morato

Dr Hugo

Ms N. Rieko

CIE301 Structural Analysis II 3(3-0) Dr. Punchet Thammarak
UG304 Humanities 3(3-0) Tom
CIE306 Highway Engineering 3(3-0) Dr. Piyapong Jiwattanakulpaisarn
CIE305 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3(3-0) Dr. Pennung Warnitchai
CIE307 Project Scheduling in Construction 3(3-0) Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo

Sub total


Year 3 & 4  Inter-Semester

Internship II (12 Weeks) 3(0-3)

Year 4  Semester VII

UG600 Capstone Project I 5(-) All faculty
UG402 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2(2-0)  TBA
Technical Elective I 3(-) TBA
Technical Elective II 3(-) TBA
Technical Elective III 3(-) TBA

Sub total

16( 0)

Year 4  Semester VIII

UG601 Capstone Project II 5(5-0) All Faculty
UG404 Engineering Professional Practice 2(2-0) TBA
Technical Elective IV 3(-)  TBA
Technical Elective V 3(-) TBA
Technical Elective VI 3(-) TBA

Sub total

16(- )