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Journal Papers

2014.01: Bhatt MP, McDowell WH, Gardner K, Hartmann J (2014) Chemistry of heavily urbanized Bagmati River system within Kathmandu valley, Nepal:  Export of organic matter, nutrients and metals. Environmental Earth Sciences 71(2), 911-922.

2014.01: Pandey V.P., Kazama F. From an open-access to a state-controlled resource: the case of groundwater in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Water International, 39(1), 97-112.

2013.12: Shrestha S., Pandey V.P., Chanamai C., Ghosh D.K. Green, blue and grey water footprints of primary crops production in Nepal. Water Resources Management, 27(15), 5223-5243.

2013.10: Bhatt MP, Bhatt S, Gaye B (2013) Controls on pond water Chemistry within Kathmandu valley, Nepal. International Journal of Lakes and Rivers 6(2): 153-172.

2013.10: Manandhar S., Pandey V.P., Kazama F. Assessing suitability of apple cultivation under climate change in mountainous region of western Nepal. Regional Environment Change, In Press. DOI: 10.1007/s10113-013-0531-6

2013.10: Manandhar S., Pandey V.P., Kazama F. Climate change and adaptation: an integrated framework linking social and physical aspects in poorly-gauged regions. Climatic Change, 120(4), 727-739.

2013.09: Pandey V.P., Futaba K., Wahid S. Estimating water footprint of global water events. Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources (JEWR), 2(7), 198-202.