Pramod Sagar Singh Pradhan, AITM

Board Director, Asian Institute of Technology and Management

The establishment of Asian Institute of Technology and Management to offer international courses in science, engineering, technology and management has been a long cherished dream of each and every Nepali graduates from Asian Institute of Technology – Bangkok (AIT).
As an AIT graduate, I have been enthused with the vitality and mission of this new-born institution that has the main goal of delivering international curricula programme to create high quality graduates to meet national, regional and global challenges.

AIT has created more than 16,000 graduates with master and doctoral degrees of which more than 1500 graduates are from Nepal. Like AIT, we want to make AITM a learner-centered institution and our goal is to help you learn how to learn and to become independent. In other words our goal is to help you to become a life-long independent learner. This is indeed a partnership and you are the critical element. AITM will provide you with experiences and opportunities to help you be successful, but you must be committed. In today’s world, change is the one constant that we can count on. Only those individuals who can learn and think on their own will be the most adaptable, the most innovative, the most forward leaning, the most valued, and the most successful people.

The faculty and staff at AITM are committed to help you. Faculty also serve as advisors and mentors as you proceed down the path toward a degree. Approach them to acquire additional guidance and learn to become more independent in selecting right classes.

By choosing AITM, you have taken the first step in becoming an educated and ethical member of society. Upon graduating you can leave here with the knowledge and comfort that you have been well prepared to continue with higher education or to enter the workforce. Throughout your journey toward graduation, please remember that you are not alone in this endeavor. Your professors, advisors, tutors, staff members, and the administration want you to be successful in reaching your goals. While you are here and even after you graduate, you will be a part of the AITM family—-a caring family, rich in tradition and history.