Prof. Dr. Ram Manohar Shrestha

Chairperson, Academic Council

The Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) is established with the aim of making available world class education in technology and management related disciplines to prospective students from Nepal and other countries in the South Asian region and beyond. In the present era of globalization and rapidly expanding knowledge frontier, AITM sees the importance and need of producing graduates with high level of competence, who not only can play a leading role in their profession within their national boundary but are also globally competitive.

As a part of the strategy to provide quality education of international standard, AITM is partnering with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand to offer four AIT degree programs (i.e., MBA, MBA in Energy Business, Bachelor of Science in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology) partly in Nepal and partly in AIT, Thailand. At the same time, AITM is working towards development of academic programs of its own in some niche areas to meet the emerging needs of the region.

Through a team of highly motivated and accomplished faculty and research staff, AITM is committed to provide state of the art education that has a strong blend of teaching and research components. My colleagues in the Academic Council are prepared to make every effort to ensure that AITM has faculty and staff of high quality and that there is an excellent academic environment at the institute for our faculty and students in order to make both teaching and learning a highly enriching experience.

On behalf of the Academic Council, I would like to welcome students desirous of experiencing a unique learning experience to join the AITM family.