Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari

Co-Chairperson, Academic Council

Asian Institute of Technology and Management is organized with a mission to impart quality education in a setting of teaching, research and development that is at par with universities of international renown. At this exciting time as the first steps on this journey are taken along with the first students joining in at AITM’s first offer of two undergraduate and two postgraduate programs of Asian Institute of Technology in the fields of engineering and management, I would like to share with you the academic opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that imbue these steps. I have been a teacher most of my life and I have come to realize that the joy of teaching lies ensconced in and in between two attributes of students; while the ultimate satisfaction lies in the contribution, professionalism and success of the graduating student in the society, its preconditions lie in the expectation, trust and confidence of incoming students. At the academic council of AITM, we take that the standard of an academic institution is measured by the quality of learning of the students, which produce both the attributes. I believe, academic quality is not a narrative for the management but a calling of active imagination, commitment and hard work of the university community of both students and faculty supported by a compliment of quality curriculum and facility. We understand that the nature and pace of change in the present world are demanding such innovations in technologies and professional subjects that it could not be enough for us just to target delivering courses with some established set of competencies. AITM aims to enrich, improvise and innovate in the courses in offer continuously through intercalation with research and development. Our efforts are directed at developing AITM into a place of learning where inquisitive students and enlightened teachers strive to reach the highest standards of professional education and ultimately produce a community of endurable value to both the Nepali society and the global arena. At the Academic Council of AITM, we will constantly strive to take and assure the pursuance and upgrade of academic measures of recognized international quality and standards in student admissions, faculty recruitment, curriculum selection and physical facilities.

The AITM teaching- learning process will strive to inculcate a continuous cross-nourishment between teaching, research, development, extension services activity of the faculty. AITM Academic Council welcomes you and expects your active cooperation and action in its efforts to achieve these ideals, objectives and approaches.