Umesh Shrestha, LACHS

Vice-Chairperson, NEF-CCN

With more than 32 years of experience in the field of education, it has been my wish to establish an international education institution in Nepal, which offers academic programs of international standard to not only the Nepalese students but also to the students coming from different countries from Asia and beyond.

Today’s education demands technical and vocational approach of teaching and learning. I foresee great potential in the field of Bio Medical science, Hydro Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Hospitality Management and Business Management, which have great international career and job prospects.

The three Memorandum of Agreements (MoAs) signed with AIT, Bangkok for offering graduate and undergraduate programs in Nepal at AITM has given us the opportunity to achieve our long-term vision of offering an international education in Nepal. I feel immensely delighted to inform all the parents, students, well wishers and stakeholders that ASIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT (AITM) is being promoted by a team of highly professional educationists, who are committed towards offering and maintaining the highest quality of education to the students, so that they can easily compete and are able to stay at the top of the job market.

AITM will operate based on corporate culture and values. It will rely heavily on team building. The long-term vision of AITM is to become a university by 2020.

AITM is one of three reputed colleges operating under the umbrella of NEFCCN. The other two consortium colleges are Little Angels’ College (LAC) and Xavier Academy (XA), which have been consistently ranked within the top ten +2 colleges in Nepal.

We are committed to academic excellence. It is our hope and desire that through academic excellence and the production of competent and varied human resources in various areas, we can create a better and more prosperous Nepal. To achieve our long-term objective, we will require the support from all our friends and well-wishers.