Message From Pramod Bahadur Shrestha, Prof. Dr. , Xavier Academy

Member, Academic Council

Prof. Dr. Pramod Bahadur ShresthaAITM will provide you a unique opportunity to learn, grow and innovate. We want to assure you that you are enrolling in an institution that fosters excellence in teaching and learning, research, scholarship and innovation, and that helps create leaders and Change Makers in different fields of endeavour. To achieve its aspirations of becoming a renowned institution of higher learning, AITM recognizes that it cannot simply follow traditional practices pursued in a traditional institution of higher learning. We have to be different and we are different. We will blaze new paths. Learning, creativity and Innovation will be our buzzwords to guide us; it will be our DNA.

Innovation is the key to growth. New skills and competencies are required to manage effectively and efficiently innovation-stimulating environments.

We want to create the language and processes that will allow our students and all other stakeholders to grow. Innovation, creativity and learning are not just our virtues; it will be our guiding principles. We believe that if people are to learn, they must be allowed to be open to new ideas, form a collective vision and work together to achieve their goals. Learning and innovation require in-depth understanding. It requires serious commitment and dedication. It takes effort, and it depends on creativity. This is what we expect from our students, teachers and staff of AITM. We empower students to discover and pursue their passion. Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO once said, “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is in sight.” At AITM, we will ensure that our rate of change will exceed the rate of change of its environment, so that we will grow and thrive in the future. I believe that in an increasingly competitive world, it is the quality of thinking that gives an edge – an idea that opens new doors of learning, a technique that solves a problem, or an insight that simply helps make sense of it all. Let us all make a pledge to work together to bring that cutting – edge thinking and best learning practice at AITM.

Pramod B. Shrestha PhD (Engineering Management, University of Alberta, Canada)