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Development of infrastructure is backbone of nation building. Civil Engineering, which covers a wide-range of specialized fields, plays a vital role to develop and maintain sustainable infrastructures such as, Roads, Irrigation, Hydropower, Buildings, Bridges, Water Supply, etc. Furthermore, Civil Engineering imparts the skill and knowledge for optimum use of resources in sustainable way.

Department of Civil Engineering (DOCE) at AITM/Institute of Science and Technology (AITM/IST) offers a four years (eight semesters) course on Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (BE-Civil) in affiliation with Purbanchal University (PU), Nepal. The course covers many areas of civil engineering including infrastructure development and management and professional ethics. The DOCE has fully committed and highly qualified faculties, standard laboratories, modern teaching/ learning environment and continuous evaluation system. Quality education and learning environments are non-compromising policies and norms of institute. Final year students specialize in a specific project work in his/her interest besides elective subjects. Graduates of this program will be highly capable to handle the civil engineering projects and infrastructures as it covers a wide-range of multidisciplinary studies.