B.E. Civil Final Semester Students’ Project Work Completed

May 4, 2018

The final semester Bachelor level Civil Engineering students of Purbanchal University (PU) are required to undertake and successfully complete a six-credit group project work for the award of the degree. In this context, the B.E. Civil 8th semester students of AITM (Batch-2013) completed their group project works recently.

Group formation & topic/theme finalization, supervisor assignment, proposal defense, mid-term/progress defense, and final defense are the steps involved with the whole project work. The project work is evaluated at two levels: internal and external. A committee consisting of project supervisor and two faculties from the department is responsible for internal evaluation while the university approved external examiner carries out external evaluation of the project work. As per the course syllabus, twenty-five percent and seventy-five percent weightage are given respectively for external and internal evaluation, and the students must pass in both external and internal evaluations separately to pass in the project work. Each project group has to submit a group project report and face the examination committee and external examiner through PowerPoint presentation followed by question-answer session in the final project defense.

A standard project group consists of five students while twenty-seven 2013-Batch students (out of thirty) in five groups participated in the project work. The 2015 earthquakes has left a big impression in Civil Engineering students in Nepal. Therefore, all the five project groups of 2013-Batch students chose analysis and design of earthquake resilient RCC framed structures as their final semester project works. The project works indeed consolidated the students’ base to work as Civil Engineers after their graduation.

Picture 1: The first project defense of 2013-Batch of students was conducted on 2074/12/30 (Friday) at AITM.

Picture 2: There were five girl students in the first project group. The students are standing during question & answer session of the project defense with external examiner & project supervisor on the background.

Picture 3: Project defense of the second group was conducted on 2075/01/07 (Friday). Project supervisor, external examiner and faculties from the Civil Engineering Department closely observing the students’ PowerPoint presentation in the defense session.

Picture 4: Students of the second project group during question and answer session in the project defense.

Picture 5: Project defense of the third group was conducted on 2075/01/10 (Monday). A group member presenting his part in the defense session.

Picture 6: Students of the third project group responding to the questions from external examiner and other members of the evaluation committee at the second part of their project defense.

Picture 7: The fourth project group also presented their final semester project work on 2075/01/10 (Monday). A student of the group presenting his part in the defense session.

Picture 8: Members of the fourth project group responding to the questions from external examiners and other project evaluation committee members in the second part of the defense session.

Picture 9: The final and fifth project group presented their project work on 2075/01/16 (Sunday). External examiner and project supervisor can be seen in the background.

Picture 10: A group photograph at the conclusion of the final project defense of the fifth and last project group together with project supervisor and project evaluation committee members.

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