Biotech Students and Faculty visit to ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

June 14, 2016

The seventh semester students and faculty of Department of Biotechnology, Himalayan WhiteHouse International College, AITM, Khumaltar visited ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari 14 June 2016. The purpose of the visit was to see the environment management and terrace agriculture in the mountain region.

The ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari, on the southern slopes of the Kathmandu Valley, was set up in March 1993. It has 30 ha area within altitude range 1540-1800 masl   with   slope gradient: 50 – 600 facing north. The Park was intended for testing and demonstration of various methodologies related to integrated mountain development and sustainable farming practices on the sloping land of the mid-hills of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region.

The Park serves as a repository for plant germplasm resources and associated floral and faunal biodiversity. In the Park selected slopes have been converted to crop-bearing terrace land using contour hedgerows of nitrogen-fixing plants; orchards of different types of fruit trees have been established; demonstration sites for various agricultural technologies, income generating activities, and water harvesting techniques have been set up.