Field Visit by Biotechnology Students to Dabur Nepal Nursery, Banepa

May 20, 2016

B.Tech. in Biotechnology V and VII Semester students of AITM visited Dabur Nursery, Banepa  on 20 May 2016. Ms. Sumitra Gurung, Plant Pathologist at the Nursery briefed about the ongoing activities in the nursery. She demonstrated potting mixture made by mixing sand, geolite and coconut husk for seed germination and plant cuttings. Different medicinal plants, (Timur, Sugandhwal, Taxus, Ashwogandha, Oregano, Rosemary, French Basil, Asparagus) and their vegetative propagation methods were displayed. Computerized methods for misting, humidity, temperature control in the greenhouse were demonstrated. The visit was fruitful for plant and agricultural aspects.

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