Final Project Defense of B.E. Civil 2012-Batch Students Completed

December 1, 2017

As per the Purbanchal University (PU) course syllabus for B.E. Civil, the final (8th) semester students are required to carry out a six-credit group project work on different civil engineering themes/topics based on their interests. Each project group generally consists of five students and a project supervisor is assigned to the group.

The Civil Engineering Department has outlined some guidelines on the students’ project works. The project groups need to prepare project proposals on their selected topics/themes and carry out PowerPoint presentations in front of an examination committee comprising of the respective project supervisors and other three to four faculty members from the department. After the proposal defense, the project groups start their project work under the guidance of their supervisors. Once their work is completed, the project groups have to prepare draft project reports according to the given guidelines and submit to the department. Then, the department arranges the final project defense date for the group. In the final defense, an examination committee comprising of the respective project supervisors, faculties from the department and an external examiner appointed by the university evaluates the project work. Finally the project groups should submit their hard-bound project reports to the department after incorporating the corrections/suggestions given by the examination committee.

Total eleven project groups were formed, but one of the groups did not participate in the final defense/examination. After the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, most of the civil engineering students in AITM showed their interest to do their project works on structural designs. This year too, ten of the eleven groups carried out their project works on structural design while the remaining one group did its project work on district level earthen road design. This year’s final project defense began from November 03, 2017 and completed by the end of the month.

Picture 1: A member of a project group presenting their project work in front of the examination committee.

Picture 2: Members of a project group in question-answer session after presenting their project work.

Picture 3: Members of another project group in question-answer session after presenting their final project work.

Picture 4: Supervisor of a project group and the external examiner during a final project defense session.

Picture 5: Another glimpse of the final project defense session for B.E. Civil 2012-Batch students of AITM.

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