Final Year Project Proposal Defense of B.E. Civil 2013-Batch Students Completed

February 12, 2018

B.E. Civil final semester students affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU) are required to carry out a six-credit group project work to complete their Bachelor degree. A project group normally consists of five students and the students can choose any project topics related to Civil Engineering field depending on their interests.

The college conducts “AutoCAD” and “Structural Analysis and Design” (SAP) software trainings to the students to facilitate their project works. Project group formation, assignment of project supervisor, selection of project topic, project proposal preparation & defense, mid-term defense, final defense and submission of final project reports are the steps involved in the project work. A committee comprising of project supervisors, external examiners and faculties from Civil Engineering Department evaluates the students’ project work. The project works are evaluated in three stages: proposal defense, mid-term defense and final defense. The project evaluation consists of two parts: (a) Internal evaluation, and (b) External evaluation. As per the university course syllabus, 75% and 25% weightages are given for the internal and external evaluations respectively. The university approved external examiners are invited in the final defense for external evaluation.

Five project groups are formed in case of B.E. Civil 2013-Batch students of AITM. All the five project groups have chosen their project works on RCC-framed building design. The following pictures depict some glimpses of proposal defense sessions conducted for B.E. Civil 2013-Batch students.

Picture 1: A group member of B.E. Civil 8th semester (2013-Batch) students presenting their project proposal using PowerPoint slides.

Picture 2: Another member of the project group of B.E. Civil 8th semester (2013-Batch) students presenting their proposal.

Picture 3: A member of another project group presenting their B.E. Civil final semester project proposal work using PowerPoint slides.

Picture 4: A glimpse of “Question and Answer” session at the end of the project proposal presentation of B.E. Civil 2013-Batch students of AITM.

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