General Seminar of 4th Semester Students

November 21, 2017

General seminars of the students’ of 4th semester B. Tech Biotechnology were conducted from 21th to 4th Kartik 2074. The seminar was conducted by Lecturer Mahesh Maharjan in presence of Mr. Hari Keishna Saiju, Head of the Department, Lecturers Mr. Binod Mishara and Mr. Rabin Shrestha. All of the students of 4th semester participated enthusiastically and presented the seminar on various interesting and recent developed technological topics. The seminar was informative and mainly practices for their upcoming seminar of different semesters and as well as for final seminar which carries 1cerit in their 8th semester. Mr. Hari Krishna Saiju concluded the seminar by giving suggestions to students for improvement in their presentation.

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