“Geotechnical Laboratory Tests” Training Course Conducted for Participants from Bhutan

July 21, 2017

The department of Civil Engineering of AITM in collaboration with National Information Technology Institute Pvt. Ltd. (NITI Pvt. Ltd.) conducted a ten-day training course on Geotechnical Laboratory Tests for three young professional trainees from the Department of Geology and Mines, the Royal Government of Bhutan, from June 09 to June 18, 2017 at AITM. Ms. Lena Sthapit and Mr. Prakash Dulal from AITM conducted the course while Mr. Makhan Shyam Khadka assisted in laboratory sessions during the course.

The course aimed to provide necessary theoretical background on basic as well as major geotechnical laboratory tests to the participants and train them to professionally conduct the tests in their laboratories using latest laboratory test equipments and facilities. At the end of the course, the participants expressed their full confidence that they would be able to conduct the tests professionally in their laboratories back in Bhutan.

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