Mushroom Observation Field Visit of Students

August 4, 2017

On 4 August 2017, an observation tour was organized for the students of 6th and 8th semester B.Tech Biotechnology of AITM to Matatirtha, in Kathmandu valley. The tour included observation on techno-commercial production of mushroom culture and spawn along with mushroom hunting program in the forest area The team was headed by Mr. Rabin Shrestha, DHOD, Biotechnology Department, AITM along with the senior mycologist of Nepal Dr. Mahesh Kumar Adhikari and Lecturer Mr. Mahesh Maharjan.

At first the students visited Ares Mushroom Farm at Gurjudhar, Balambu to observe how the mushroom cultures and the spawns are produced. Mushroom spawn producer and grower Mr. Om Krishna Shrestha explained in details about the procedures and the precautions to be taken during preparation of the mushroom culture and spawn. After that they visited the edible mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus var. florida) commercial farming station.

On the second half, students visited the Schima- Castanopsis mixed pine forest of Matatirtha for mushroom hunting. The students collected different species of wild mushrooms viz: Amanita, Scleroderma, Trametes, Termitomyces, Hygrophorus, Hexagonia, Boletus, Xerula, Ganoderma and Coltricia, which included some edible and poisonous forms. Dr. Adhikari explained how to identify edible and poisonous forms and make culture of those mushrooms. The visit of the students was fruitful and helped to enhance the knowledge of mushroom farming and learnt how the tools of biotechnology is applied to improve for production of mushroom seeds.

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