August 28, 2018

The students of Ochanomizu University, Japan visited to Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM), Khumaltar, Lalitpur on 21 August 2018. The program was conducted in presence of faculties and students of Department of Biotechnology and Department of Civil Engineering, School of Hotel Management, + 2 program of AITM.

Ochanomizu University was founded on November 29, 1875 as Tokyo Women’s Normal School, Japan’s first institution of higher education for women. In the over 141 years since, the university has forged a new path in education for women. Even when it was difficult for women to play a major role in the workforce, many graduates of this university were pursuing careers and becoming strong performers in a variety of fields, including academic research, education, industry, government and the media. They continue to earn the deep respect of their peers, and have opened up doors to new opportunities for the women who follow.

Guests from Ochanomizu University Global Collaboration Center include Associate Professor /Deputy Director Ms. Chisa Hara, Lecturer Mr. Kenta Aoki and students, Ms. Rin Gamada, Ms. Haruka Adachi, Ms. Yumeno Higo and Ms. Mai Mitadera. In the program the welcome speech was given by Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Board of Directors, AITM, Khumaltar. The faculty member of Department of Civil Engineering, Mr. Prakash Dulal presented on topic ‘Reconstruction in Nepal after 2015 Earthquake’. Mr. Abhishesh Bajracharya Research Assistant of Department of Biotechnology, AITM presented on topic ‘Biotech Research and different educational activities going in Department of Biotechnology’. The students from School of Hotel Management presented on Tourism in Nepal (Visit Nepal 2020).

The presentation on Introduction of Ochanomizu University was given by Lecturer Mr. Kenta Aoki. Ms. Haruka Adachi, student of Ochanomizu University presented on topic ‘Major subjects in Ochanomizu University and student life ’.
The program was concluded by Interaction between students of Ochanomizu University & AITM. The program was successfully hosted by Biotechnology students, Ms. Prakriti Maharjan and Ms. Suruchi Budha Magar. The program was cherished by the students of Ochanomizu University and AITM.

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