Result of 3rd, 5th AND 7th Semesters B. TECH Biotechnology PU Board Examination

November 28, 2017

The result of 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters of B. Tech Biotechnology P U Board Examination held from 17th of Jestha 2074 to 19th Asar 2074 was published on 12th of Mangsir 2074 (28 Nov. 2017). The students those who scored highest GPA in their respective semesters’ in the Final Board Examination are given below and Department of Biotechnology congratulates all of them for their achievement.

Semester Name of Student GPA
VII Ms Dikshya Karki 3.75
Mr. Niraj Shrestha 3.75
V Prithavi Jung Thapa 4
Richa Khatiwada 4
III Prakriti Maharjan 4

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