Sanitary Engineering Field Visit for B.E. Civil 6th Semester Students Completed

August 10, 2017

As required by Purbanchal University (PU) Bachelor in Civil Engineering course, a one-day field visit of “Sanitary Engineering” to Guheshwori Wastewater Treatment Plant (GWWTP) for B.E. Civil 6th semester (Batch-2014) students of AITM was conducted on August 10, 2017. Twenty-four students and four faculty and staff members from AITM participated in the field visit.

The objective of the field visit was to demonstrate different steps of a typical biological wastewater treatment to the students practically in the actual field. The Guheshwori wastewater treatment facility uses a typical biological treatment technique called activated sludge process. The students observed different components of the plant like mechanical bar screen, grit chamber, aeration tanks, secondary sedimentation tanks, sludge drying beds etc. Also, the students visited biochemical analysis laboratory facilities available in the plant. The visit was very fruitful to the students as they clearly visualized how a wastewater treatment plant look like and how it works.

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