Transportation Engineering Field Visit for B.E. Civil 6th Semester Students Conducted

August 19, 2017

As required by Purbanchal University (PU) Bachelor in Civil Engineering course, a one-day field visit of “Transportation Engineering” course to “Banepa-Khurkot” section of “B.P. Highway” for B.E. Civil 6th semester (Batch-2014) students of AITM was conducted on August 19, 2017. Twenty-four students and three faculty/staff members from AITM participated in the field visit. The main objective of the field visit was to show the students different highway components such as road pavement, camber, super elevation, hairpin bends, retaining structures, highway signs, highway drainage system etc., and the use of bioengineering in highway slope protection work in Nepal. The visit was very fruitful to the students as they could directly visualize different highway components and understand their functions practically, which they have studied in “Transportation Engineering-I” and “Transportation Engineering-II” courses.


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