August 23, 2018

The students of sixth semester B. Tech in Biotechnology, AITM visited Animal Breeding Division, NARC, Khumaltar on 19 July 2018. There were 20 students and the team was lead by Mr. Hari Krishna Saiju, Head, Department of Biotechnology, AITM accompanied by the lecturers Mr. Biond Mishra and Mr. Rabin Shrestha.

Animal Breeding division, one of the disciplinary divisions under National Animal Science Research Institute, is a national level organization mandated for breeding related research on domesticated farm animal species throughout the country. The division undertakes its research activities both at NARC stations and at farmers’ livestock herds/flock in all three agro eco-zones. It has also access to the government livestock farm for undertaking research particularly in genetics improvement of farm animals.

The students were briefed by Information Officer and Senior Scientist Dr. Nina Amatya Gorkhali. She briefed on the various activities that are going on in the division. She discussed on various research carried out on indigenous species of cattle like Lulu cow, sheep etc. The students also visited farm house of different animals within the premises of the Division.

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