“Water Supply Engineering” Field Visit Completed

March 30, 2017

A one-day field visit of “Water Supply Engineering” course for B.E. Civil 5th semester (Batch-2014) students to “Bode-Manohara Water Treatment Plant” (BMWTP) in Bhaktapur was organized on March 30, 2017. Twenty-four students and three faculty members participated in the field visit. The students observed intake site at the shore of Manohara Khola and other components of the treatment plants. A technical staff of the treatment plant explained on different components of the plant and their functions to the students in the field visit. More importantly, the students directly observed “Backwashing” operation of a rapid sand filter unit in the facility. The visit was very fruitful as the students could directly observe different components and their operations, and strengthened their theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms.



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