AITM News and Events >> AITM Hosts First Ever Biggest Debate Tournament in Nepal

AITM hosted the biggest debate tournament titled “The AITM Kathmandu’s Debate Mahakumbha 2014” to date in Nepal during 2-17 August, 2014. Students from ages of 16-24 from over 30 schools and colleges participated in the event. The event was jointly organized by DNN (Debate Network Nepal), Dayitwa Foundation, Open Space Nepal, Livable Kathmandu and AITM.
The motion for the English finals was on the probability of a more livable Kathmandu, in which St. Xavier’s College took the grand prize and Budhanilkantha School became the runner up with a split eight to one decision. In the Nepali finals on removing the subsidy on petroleum products, Bridgewater International College took the win while St. Xavier’s College came second.
The event was chaired by Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, Chairperson of NEF-CCN and Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Director of AITM. The purpose of encouraging debate within secondary and higher levels of school internationally has been to create and sustain rational and critical thinking in students as preparatory education for their future roles as proactive citizens.
After the initiation of the Debate Network Nepal (DNN) in 2013, debate culture has spread to over 60 schools out of which prestigious schools like AITM, St. Xavier’s College and Bridgewater International Club proactively organize weekly and monthly debates on issues such as waste water management, feasibility of further road expansion and other relevant current issues.
In the aftermath of this tournament, AITM and DNN will be sending AITM’s professionally trained students to 200 private and public schools in Kathmandu to teach rationale and critical thinking through debate as part of AITM’s initiative to encourage critical thinking and improve overall quality of students and DNN’s purpose of spreading debate through Nepal.

Prasanna Rana from St. Xavier's College gives his winning speech.

Prasanna Rana from St. Xavier’s College gives his winning speech.