AITM News and Events >> AITM participated in the “First National Science Day and Exhibition”

The Biotechnology Department of Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) participated in the “First National Science Day and Exhibition” with the slogan of “Biotechnology: Research to Products”.

The science exhibition was organized by Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE), and was held at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi during 17-18 September, 2013 under the theme of “Science and Technology for Country’s Prosperity”. The objective was to provide information on science and technology to general public and the students. Twenty stalls, covering research and development on many areas of science and technology, were exhibited in the program. The program was inaugurated by Mr. Khil Raj Regmi, Chairman of the Interim Council of Ministers. Many participants, including former Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, visited the stalls in the exhibition.

AITM exhibited three products in the program; they are: vermi-compost, mushroom production, and pre basic seeds (PBS) of potato. In addition there was also DNA model, spider goat poster and IGEM project presentation. The stall was one of the eye catching and informative one in terms of providing information ranging from basic biotechnology (e.g. vermi-compost) to a higher level of molecular biology, immunology and genetic through IGEM project. The production of biodiesel from microalgae was a unique demonstration to all the visitors.

AITM’s participation in the exhibition was acknowledged with a “Letter of Appreciation” from the “Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment”, the organizer of the event.