AITM News and Events >> AITM signs agreement with Swisscontact to invite SEC expert for engineering program



Swisscontact – Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation – is an independent foundation for international development cooperation.It promotes – since 1959 – the economic, social and environmental development.

AITM, on 4th September, 2013, sent a request to Swisscontact to support its engineering programs by sending SEC experts. Responding positively to the request, Swisscontact and AITM signed an Agreement on 28th October to invite Prof. Hans Hausammann as a SEC expert to provide training in his areas of expertise. As per the agreement, Prof. Hausammann would be stationed at AITM for the period starting from 1st February, 2014 through 1st March, 2014. Mr. Neeraj Singhal, country representative of Swisscontact in Nepal signed on behalf of Swisscontact and Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Director of AITM, signed on behalf of AITM. Mr. Bhupadas Rajbhandari (Executive Director, AITM), Dr. Madhav Narayan Shrestha (Program Coordinator, AIT UG Program) and Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey (Deputy Program Coordinate, AIT UG Program) were also present in the agreement signing program.