AITM News and Events >> AITM, Under Aegis of NEF-CCN, Launches International Programs With Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand



Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has launched new programs in Nepal including a two-stage Master’s Program in Business (MBA and MBA in Energy Business Management), along with a Bachelor’s Program in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The programs were launched on 10 October 2012 under the Memorandum of Agreements (MoAs) signed between AIT and the Nepal Education Foundation-Consortium of Colleages, Nepal (NEF-CCN). The delivery of the first half of the academic programs will take place at NEF-CCN colleges in Nepal, and the second half will be delivered at the AIT main campus in Thailand. Formal approval for the launch of the programs was granted by the Ministry of Education of Nepal on 30 September 2012, after a review and endorsement of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Nepal. NEF-CCN is planning to launch the programs from January 2013, and the admissions process will begin from 1st November 2012. NEF-CCN, which was constituted in 2010, comprises of three academic institutions, namely the LA College of Higher Studies; rebranded Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) and Xavier Academy (XA) College of Graduate Studies. Key members of the NEF-CCN consortia have three decades of experience in the education sector in the country, and have produced 11,000 graduates so far. The public launch of the programs included a press conference. Besides the AIT President, Professor Dr. Sriram B. Mathe, Chairperson, NEF-CCN; Mr. Umesh Shrestha, Vice Chairperson, NEF-CCN; Professor Ram M. Shrestha, AIT Professor Emeritus and currently Chairperson, Academic Council, NEF-CCN, also participated in the press conference.