AITM News and Events >> AITM Undergraduate Students Receive 50% Fellowship in AIT

Two out of the three undergraduate students from NEF-CCN’s AITM Campus have received AIT’s 50% Tuition Fellowship in the AIT Bachelor’s Program of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. The three students, Ajay Acharya, Prajwal Maharjan and Saroj Maharjan had completed first two years of AIT’s 2-Stage International Program in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at AITM Campus. They joined AIT for the Third Year (5th Semester) in last August. Both Saroj Maharjan and Prajwal Maharjan have been awarded with Fellowships as they ranked among top 20% in their class at AIT. This fellowship is for the third Year and may be continued in the fourth year based on their performance in this year.