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The Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) organized a seminar on “Optical Wireless Communication: An Overview” at its seminar hall on September 27, 2013. Dr. Sujan Rajbhandari, a research scholar from University of Oxford, delivered his seminar talk on this special topic.
Dr. Rajbhandari mentioned that in recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the bandwidth requirement of end-users. This has already overstretched the capacity of current wireless technologies which are based on the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. As the global demand for bandwidth continues to accelerate, it is becoming exceedingly clear that copper/coaxial cables and radio frequency technologies cannot meet the upcoming demand due to their drawbacks such as limited bandwidth, congested spectrum, security issues, expensive licensing, and high installation costs.
Dr. Rajbhandari, while introducing the optical wireless communications technology to the audience, mentioned that this innovative technology has been around for the last three decades and is increasingly gaining attention as the demand for capacity have continued to rise. He highlighted on various attractive aspects of this technology such as the intrinsic security feature and its cost effectiveness. He also described how it offers many flexible networking solutions including; high-speed license free wireless broadband connectivity, voice and data transmission, video and entertainment, enterprise connectivity, disaster recovery, illumination and data communications, surveillance and many others.

Dr. Rajbhandari further mentioned about its applicability and usefulness in hilly and mountainous country like Nepal where the cabling of communications wires has been extremely time consuming and costly affair. The optical wireless communications technology can be effectively used to minimize the total length of cabling by installing these systems on top of hills and mountains that meet the line of sights.

This interesting seminar was attended by over 40 participants from various telecom and internet service organizations including Nepal Telecom, Subisu, Smart Telecom, IPlus, Websurfer, and Bitmap Ltd., among others. The participants were extremely pleased to attend this interesting seminar on the current research topic in the field of communications technology. The seminar talk was followed by discussion session in which many interesting questions were raised and discussed, and that even continued during the refreshment fellowship.

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