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The students of grade XI organized a farewell program for the outgoing students of grade XII on 27th march 2017. Almost all the students of grade XI and grade XII were present in the program. The program was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe who, in his short speech, highlighted and congratulated the outgoing students for the best of luck in their upcoming board examination. Also Prof. Mathe gave insight into how to excel in studies and what it means to be a student of AITM. The program was also attended by Mr. Bhupadas Rajbhandari, Executive Director of AITM. Ms. Puja Shrestha had hosted the program while Ms. Subikshya Acharya delivered her farewell speech. There were many cultural performances by the students of both grade XI and XII. The program was concluded by Mr. Krishna Khatiwada, Head of Plus2 School. The teachers and other invitees also witnessed the grand farewell.


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