AITM News and Events >> Forty Students of Hotel Management Trained on “Food and Hygiene”

Nepal Vocational Hospitality Services (NVHS) organized two-day training during 6-7 March, 2014 on the topic “Food and Hygiene”. The training facilitated by Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) was targeted to the students of hotel management. Trainers were Mr. Niranjan Rimal, Mr. Ishwar Subedi and Ms. Supriya Sharma. The training covered various topics related to food safety procedures, hazard of food-borne illness and their control by maintaining correct temperature throughout food storage and preparation. Physical, chemical, Allergic and Micro Biological hazards were also highlighted in the training. Training was made effective through visual add including videos of safety food habits.

The entire training was proved to be very effective and fruitful. Nearly forty persons were trained through the program. The training was successful in promoting the awareness and knowledge among various stakeholders on proper food hygiene at the level of international standards.