AITM News and Events >> Four Experts Delivered Lectures in “SHM/AITM Guest Lecture Series”


Student Development Committee at AITM School of Hotel Management (SHM/AITM) conducted “SHM/AITM Guest Lecture Series” during 4-9 March, 2014 with the theme of “Listen, learn and interact with the industry experts”. The seminar was attended by students of all the programs in SHM. Four experts delivered lectures and shared their experience to enrich the participants’ knowledge.

The very first lecture was delivered by Mr. Balram Pathak, the Food and Beverage (FNB) Director at Soltee Hotel. Mr. Pathak shared his experience throughout professional career and then introduced operation of Soltee Hotel. The second speaker Mr. Mr. Dinesh Maharjan, the executive housekeeper at Hotel Shangri La talked about the housekeeping department and also focused the career and scope having in this field with highlights on professional responsibilities of a housekeeper. Mr. Johny Prasai, The hotel IT expert talked Management Information System and the importance of Property Management System. He further broadened the knowledge by delivering information further on Information Technology, its importance and challenges. The last lecture in the series was delivered by Mr. Govinda N K.C., the executive chef. His talk highlighted on Food Production and Hygiene, enhancing personal developments for a career in any food organization, within or outside the country.

The guest lecture series was very much effective for SHM/AITM students to learn and interact with the industry experts.

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