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A delegation from Kumamoto University, Japan, led by Professor Dr. Shuichi Torii, College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies, Kumamoto University visited AITM on February 12, 2016. The other members of the delegation were Prof. Dr. Shoji Yahara, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mr. Shinya Murakami, Centre for Globalization, International Affairs Division. During the visit, the visiting delegation made a presentation on the University and discussed with Prof. Dr. S. B. Mathe, with Chairperson Board of Directors, Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Board Director, Mr. Bhupa Das Rajbhandari, Executive Director and Mr. Hari Krishna Saiju, Head, Department of Biotechnology, AITM on possible collaboration such as student and faculty exchange and conducting jointly short-term programs. The delegation visited laboratories and other facilities of Department of Biotechnology, AITM.


Goodwill Visit by Delegation from Kumamoto University, Japan