AITM News and Events >> Guest Lecture on: Understanding Hybrid and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

The Department of Biotechnology arranged a guest lecture from Bal Krishna Joshi, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist in Genetics Breeding and Biotech from Nepal Agriculture research Council (NARC), National Agricultural Genetic Resources Centre (NAGRC) on the topic of Hybrid technology and GMO’s to the 3rd, 5th and 7th semester students. Dr. Joshi covered all aspects related to GMO’s putting special emphasis on crop improvement through fast track method of gene transfer. Over 150 different crops including soybean, maize, cotton etc have undergone transformations and have been used to full potential by China, India, Pakistan, Phillipines, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The benefit of GMO’s includes pest resistance, herbicide resistance, disease resistance, high yield, increased nutrient content (biofortification), drought resistance, nitrogen fixing in cereals and many more. The risks of GMO’s have been of debate with respect to health (allergen, toxins, MDR bacteria), environment and ecology (escape of transgene) and socio-economic to note a few. The positive aspect of GMO can be focused towards trading gene with international value and putting concerted efforts towards research, education, investment in the problem areas of the nation. Dr. Joshi also put light into various acts, policies of Nepal and international treaties in biological resources and safety considerations.