AITM News and Events >> Memorandum of Agreement Signed with Mpower Global Singapore


The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between Mpower Global Singapore and AITM School of Hotel Management to enhance internship opportunity in Singapore and Thailand. Mpower Global Singapore is a Singapore registered Private Limited Company that provides recruitment and outsourcing services in Singapore and Thailand.



Mr. Basant P. Joshi, Head of AITM School of Hotel Management and Mr. Sunny Lim, Business Development Manager, Mpower Global Singapore signed The Memorandums of Agreement (MoAs).

Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, Chairperson of NEF-CCN and Sharmila Kandel, Program Officer, AITM School of Hotel Management and Mpower Global Singapore’s team member were present at the ceremony.


Program’s objectives:

1. Provide practical knowledge and etiquette at prestigious hotels of Singapore and Thailand.

2. Promote global competitiveness of AITM students through training and acculturation in a foreign country.

3. Strengthen and enrich degree programs to enhance level of knowledge and skills required by students in competitive market.