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The orientation program for 1st batch of AITM international program students was held in Godavari Resort Hotel during 09-10 February 2013.

The inaugural ceremony was held in the presence of the visiting delegation from Asian Institute of Technology and Management, comprising of Dr. Nitin Afzulkurkar – Dean of School of Engineering & Technology (SET), AIT, Mr. Ahmed Amjad Ali, Head of External Relations Cooperation Office (ERCO), AIT, and Ms. Tripti Rajbhandari, Promotions Officer of SET, AIT. One of the main purposes of the visiting AIT delegation was to assess our AITM’s preparations to start the first part of AIT’s MBA and Bachelor of Civil and Infrastructural Engineering, which are to be offered from this academic year.

AITM Chairperson Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, in his inaugural and welcome speech, remembered the long two and half years’ journey that preceded the start of the AIT programs. He stated that AITM wish to be recognized for the high quality of programs and for its academic rigour. He informed the students that as the “pioneer batch”, they had a special responsibility to set high standards and encouraged the students to work hard and achieve excellence not only in academics but in whatever they do. Due to the lengthy approval process for offering the courses and very limited time for marketing and processing the applications, AITM has selected a small number but quality applicants. He opined that AITM management, faculty and students together can make this a successful and unique venture in Nepal.

Dr. Nitin, Dean of SET – AIT, gave a brief introduction of AIT and its academic programs. AIT, established in 1959, and with an impressive track record in graduate and post-graduate studies, with alumni all across the world, recently introducedundergraduate programs. The first batch of the UG program will be graduating in August 2013. The students of this 2-stage AIT programs conducted in Nepal will be joining other students in AIT after completing their 1st half of the course in AITM. Similar courses are being offered in India, SriLanka and Thailand.

In his brief remarks, Mr Ahmed Amjad Ali, Head of ERCO, AIT, highlighted AIT’s satellite programs and its popularity in Asian countries.He also showed a video presentation on AIT to explain the history and growth of AIT since its modest beginning in 1959.

In late afternoon, students wereinvolved in Team Building activities, which helped them to get acquainted with each other informally.The students along with the program officers had sumptuous buffet dinner and stayed overnight in the resort.

The next day started again with team building activities, management games and quizzes.

In the second formal session, AITM Academic Council Chairperson, Professor Emeritus Dr. Ram Manohar Shrestha, enlightened the students on various academic matters related to teaching and research, quality and performance evaluation, exam grading system and the responsibilities of student and faculty to maintain high standard and quality of education at AITM.

The Academic Council Co-chair, Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, once again emphasized the need for academic rigour and the need to strive and maintain academic excellence. He pointed out that students have to have a yearning for education if they are to excel.

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