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Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Sekimoto and his students Ms. Rena Kikuchi and Mr. Takahiro Yabe delivered a seminar on “P-FLOW (People Flow)” and “V-FLOW (ICT for Vegetables Flow from Farmers to Market)” on September 6, 2013.Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Director of AITM, introduced the speakers and welcomed the participants in the seminar.

Prof. Sekimoto introduced the “P-FLOW Project” initiated in 2008. He demonstrated how monitoring of people flow dynamics has become necessary in order to mitigate secondary disasters following earthquakes, fires, or other major events, as well as to relieve congestion at nodes in terminal station. Ms. Kikuchi and Mr. Yabe introduced how ICT could be applied in all phases of agricultural business to improve incomes of farmers. The idea is that mobile phone companies offer agricultural information (e.g., information about chemical fertilizers, or prices of farm products in markets) collaborating with specialized agencies. A central committee organized and managed by the cooperatives will gather all the market related information including the product prices and quantities sold and left over. The information is then sent to wholesalers and local stores through SMS. With the correct information meaning more transparency, both the wholesalers and local storeowners will have a wider choice of markets to make deals with. In this way, the agriculture business will gain more efficiency and will be a more competing market.
This sort of collaboration through V-FLOW helps farmers to get enough knowledge about market prices, and therefore, helpincrease farm productivity and prevent getting ripped off by wholesalers.
Over 40 participants attended the seminar from AITM and outside; including professionals from ICIMOD, Winrock, and Practical Action Nepal. The participants were very much interested to learn more about the P-FLOW and V-FLOW because of their potential application in Nepal. They also cautioned the developers the need for the customized package considering ground reality in Nepal if the products were to be used in Nepal. The seminar was concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey, a faculty at AITM.