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AITM’s Biotechnology Department organized a seminar on “Engineering and Medical Perspectives of Biotechnology” on 15 September, 2013. Mr. Anurop Manandhar, former Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University and currently associated with Model Hospital in Kathmandu, and Dr. Gauri Shankar Manandhar, former lecturer at Amrit Science College and a long-time scholar at Missouri State University in USA, delivered talks on the theme of the seminar.

The program started with a brief introduction of the speakers by Mr. Hari Krishna Saiju, deputy head of the biotechnology department, and was followed by presentations from the speakers, discussion, and vote of thanks.

Mr. Anuroop, in delivering his talk on “Medical Biotechnology Perspective of Biotechnology”, started with a brief introduction to ‘Medical Biotechnology’ and continued with a detail on current research activities such as Monoclonal Antibodies (Mab; used primarily to fight off cancer cells), Bio –processing, Stem cells, Tissue Engineering, and Diagnosis. He also shared information on Drug Discovery process and Top 25 Biotech drugs, and stated that there is a huge scope of biotechnology in medical science arena.

Dr. Gauri shed light on genetic engineering perspectives of biotechnology. He briefed on how traditional biotechnology was modernized in the 20th Century after the scientists developed molecular methods to manipulate DNA (gene) of an organism. “Insulin” is essential for cells to absorb sugar from blood, and the inability of diabetes patient to make insulin is the prime reason for losing their lives to this disease. Current technique of producing insulin by genetically engineered bacteria is comparatively cheaper, less allergic and widely used than the earlier techniques of isolating and purifying insulin from pig pancreas. Dr. Gauri further mentioned about human insulin production in E.coli and shared that “A Biotech Company” in USA produces recombinant human insulin (branded as insulin) and sells it worldwide making billions of dollars in profit.

Following the two excellent presentations, a very interesting and interactive discussion session was held. The audience’s queries and questions mainly focused on current research techniques, applications and research in Medical Biotechnology, role of insulin in diabetes and other diseases, and the side effects of genetic engineering to human population. They were greatly satisfied with comprehensible clarifications to their queries by the diligent speakers. The seminar, which was well attended by over 50 participants comprising of professionals, faculty and students, was formally concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Hari Bashyal, a faculty member at AITM. The seminar was followed by refreshment and a short tour to AITM’s biotech laboratory.

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