AITM News and Events >> Taoyaka Team from Hiroshima University Introduced Five-year Graduate Program to AITM Students


Professor from Hiroshima University introduced prospects for higher studies at the university to AITM’s undergraduate students.


A team led by Assoc./Prof. Dr. Satoru Komatsu from Hiroshima University visited AITM on 14 February, 2014. They introduced the university’s newly launched “Taoyaka Program” to AITM students as a potential platform for higher studies. The program aims to develop flexible, enduring and peaceful society through innovative graduate program. Students can enter in the five-year graduate program (Master + PhD) immediately after completing Bachelor’s Degree. They introduced various features of the program including attractive scholarships, tuition waiver, accommodation support and field research support. Nearly 50 students and faculty members jointed the talk delivered by Dr. Komatsu. The Taoyaka team was accompanied by Ms. Ms. Karoi Taka (University Education Administrator) and Kana Kouto (University Education Administrator), Dr. Niraj Prakash Joshi (Assoc. Professor) and Mr. Ram Prasad Dhital (Asst. Director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center, Nepal).

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