AITM News and Events >> AITM signs two MoUs with SolBridge Int’l School of Business, one of the world’s top 5% Business Schools

SolBridge International School of Business, one of the top 5% business schools in the world, under Woosong University, one of the 10 best youth dream universities in Korea, signed one general Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and one MoU on student exchange with Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) in SolBridge, Daejeon, S. Korea, on 25th August 2014. The MoUs were signed by Prof. John E. Endicott, President of Woosong University and also the Vice-Chancellor of SolBridge, and Prof. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, Chairperson of Nepal Education Foundation – Consortium of Colleges, Nepal (NEF-CCN) and AITM. Prof. Jin-Sung Kim, Dean, SolBridge, and Prof. Ram Manohar Shrestha, Chairman of Academic Council, AITM witnessed the MoU signing ceremony. Prof. Bobby Swar, Asst. Professor, SolBridge, and Mr. Rakesh Lazar, Regional Manager, International Relations, Woosong University, were also present during the ceremony.


The general MoU envisages the offering of undergraduate and graduate programs of SolBridge, partially or fully in Nepal, exchange of faculty and staff, graduate and undergraduate students, scientific materials, publications and information, cultural activities, as well as conducting of joint conferences and academic programs, as well as research activities and publications.

The main purpose of the MoU on student exchange is to promote understanding between AITM of NEF-CCN and SolBridge of Woosong University, and to enhance each institution’s teaching, learning and internationalization objectives. This agreement provides for student exchange opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students of AITM of NEF-CCN and SolBridge. The duration of stay in the host institution will be for one semester or one academic year.  For the first three years (2015-2017), SolBridge will accept 4 students per semester free of all tuition charges and from 2018, AITM will accept exchange students from SolBridge.


Prof. Endicott, who is also a Nobel Prize Nominee in 2005 and 2009, explained in his presentation that SolBridge’s enrollment had increased from 29 students in 2007 to almost 800 this year, with students from almost 34 countries. It was pointed out that there were 2 Nepalese students who enrolled for the MBA program and 4 other students who enrolled for the culinary MBA this year. During the AITM presentation, Prof. Mathe expressed AITM’s desire to offer the academic programs of SolBridge at the earliest, with an affordable fees structure to attract not only Nepalese students but also students from the South Asian region. Prof. Mathe proposed Woosong University to use AITM as an information and/or liaison office and outreach center.MOUS2

The AITM delegation also met Dr. Sung-Kyung Kim, Chairman of Woosong University, Woosong Foundation, Mr. B. B. Hwang, Vice-President of Administration, SolBridge, Dr. Dai-Yeong Lee, Dean, Office of International Relations, Ms. Julie Lee, Associate Director of Administration, Sol International Culinary Arts (SICA) and Mr. Harald Rohrmoser, Associate Director of Academics, SICA and WACS Global Master Chef. In the discussions with SICA, exchange of faculty and students between SICA and AITM’s School of Hotel Management were also discussed.


The AITM delegation invited the Chairman, the President, the Vice-President and the Deans to visit AITM in Nepal at their earliest convenience.

All in all, the signing of 2 MoUs and various meetings made the visit by the AITM delegation very productive and has laid the foundation for cooperation and collaboration with both SolBridge School of International Business and SICA.

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