15th Public Seminar: “Stress Management” by Prof. Shailendra Singh

March 28, 2014

Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) organized its 15th public seminar on “Stress Management” which was conducted by Prof. Shailendra Singh, who is a professor of organizational behavior at Indian Institute of Management at Lucknow and also he is a visiting faculty member at AITM.The seminar was held on 28/03/2014 at AITM seminar hall. The seminar highlighted the concept of stress, its sources and the consequences of stress. The seminar further delivered the information on models of stress, focusing on personality and stress. The seminar highlighted the stress management strategies; its prevention and stress management.

The seminar had approximately 30 participants including students, faculty members and staffs at AITM and other people concerned. After the session was completed, some interactions and discussions among the audience were done. And the program ended with discussions and round of questions and answers. In this way, the program helped in broadening the knowledge related to Stress Management and helped to find the ways needed to cope up with stress. In this way, the entire seminar was a knowledgeable and proved to be a fruitful one.