Talk program on “Application of Nano-biotechnology in Bio-medicine and Agriculture in Vietnam”

March 5, 2017

A talk program was conducted on 5th March 2017 in Bigyan conference hall at AITM. The program began with AITM Board of Director Mr. Pramod Pradhan welcoming the guest lecturer, Dr. Nguyen Anh Dzung. Dr. Dzung is an Associate Professor as well as a Director of Institute of Biotechnology and Environment (IBE), Tay Nguyen University, Vietnam. He gave a presentation on the “Application of Nano-biotechnology in Bio-medicine and Agriculture in Vietnam”. In the beginning of the presentation, Dr. Dzung explained about his department and enrolment of undergraduate and graduate students in different field of study in Tay Nguyen University. Dr. Dzung presented his research, education and outreach activities on nano-materails for agriculture and pharmacy. Dr. Dzung highlighted the preparation of chitosan nano-particles as novel adjuvant for influenza vaccine. He mentioned that chitosan nano-particles could be utilized as nano fertilizer for plants. He presented the effect of chitosan nano-particles on photosynthesis of the coffee seedlings and indigenous medical plants. He emphasized that the products of nano-chitosan will have a high commercial value. Students, teachers and other guests attended this program which was followed by a question & answer session where interested attendees put forward their queries. Finally, Mr. Bhupa Das Rajbhandari, Executive Director, presented a token of appreciation to Dr. Dzung and Mr. Pramod Pradhan thanked Dr. Dzung for his valuable presentation and suggested AITM’s Biotechnology student to pursue research in this area which might be useful for their future endeavors.