Talk Program on “Opportunities With Algal Biorefinery To Increase Energy Security In Nepal”

January 5, 2017

Dr. Sushil Adhikari, a Professional Engineer working with Bio-systems Engineering Department, Auburn University in USA, gave a presentation on the “Opportunities with Algal Biorefinery to Increase Energy Security in Nepal” on 5th January 2017 in Bigyan conference hall at AITM The program began with AITM Chairperson, Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, welcoming the guest lecturer. In the beginning of the presentation, Dr. Adhikari explained about his department and enrolment of undergraduate and graduate student in different fields of study in Auburn University. He explained about his research, education and outreach activities on biomass & biofuels and highlighted the potential of biomass to biofuel generation in Nepal. He mentioned that municipal solid wastes and wastewater and sewage sludge can be utilized to generate biofuel in Nepal. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session. Finally, Mr. Pramod Pradhan, Board Member of AITM thanked Dr. Adhikari for his enlightening presentation and suggested that the AITM students should undertake further studies in this area.