AITM Seminars >> 10th Public Seminar: “Inbound Marcom for achieving marketing productivity” by Prof. Sajik K.B. Nair


AITM organized its 10th public seminar on “Inbound Marcom for achieving marketing productivity” delivered by Prof. Dr. Saji K.B. Nair on December 13, 2013. Dr. Nair is a Visiting Professor at AITM and a Professor of Marketing & Technology at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, India. Mr. Pramod Pradhan, the Director of AITM, introduced the speaker and welcomed the participants in the program. The talk covered various topics such as – marketing philosophy; strategic marketing plan, its objectives and notion of inbound and outbond marcom.The entire seminar helped in broadening the knowledge on the inbound marcom practice through which interested companies can seek to benefit from. The latest research findings in the area were also highlighted in the program. Lastly a short and interesting video was shown on how modern customers are different than old ones. The video contained a message that time and market changes and so does the technology.

Title: Inbound Marcom for achieving marketing productivity
Speaker: Prof. Saji K.B. Nair, Visiting Prof. – AITM, Prof. of Marketing & Technology strategy – IIM, Lucknow
Date: December 13, 2013

The seminar had approximately 50 participants including students, faculty members and staffs at AITM, representative of Kathmandu University and other people concerned. The interaction session followed the talk. Dr. Gehendra Purush Dhakal, a faculty and co-coordinator of MBA Program, thanked the speaker and the participants for their active participation in the event. At the end, Mr. Pramodh Pradhan, the director of AITM gave a token of appreciation to Prof. Nair.

The seminar flyer can be downloaded from following link: 10th_AITM_Public_Seminar

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