AITM Seminars >> 7th Public Seminar: “Human side of lean manufacturing: building a flexible workforce” by Dr. M. Saman Dassanayake


AITM conducted its 7th Public Seminar on October 04, 2013 on “Human side of lean manufacturing: building a flexible workforce”. Dr. M. Saman Dassanayake, a Professor of Human Resources Management at University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, delivered the talk. His talk started with a significant attentions being paid by most of the organizations to minimize system losses caused by waste, variability and inflexibility and then discussed ways of developing and aligning the organizations’ workforce with principles and practices of “lean manufacturing”.

Title: Human side of lean manufacturing: building a flexible workforce
Speaker: Dr. M Saman Dassanayake, Visiting Prof. – AITM, Senior Lecturer – University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date: October 04, 2013

The seminar addressed five critical areas with reference to manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka: (i) what are the major philosophical pillars of a lean journey? (ii) what are the key behaviors of employees expected in a lean culture? (iii) how could an organization build a flexible workforce to sustain lean manufacturing and improving a continuous basis? (iv) what is the role of leadership in building a flexible workforce for running a lean organization? (v) lessons for improving lean practices.

The seminar flyers can be downloaded from: 7th AITM Public Seminar

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